Photo by Filip Kominik on Unsplash

My innocence was built on faith in goodness. In karma. A just universe. In that Ram Dass kind of beautiful dance.

A starving-and-believing-love-would-be-enough-sustenance kind of illusion.

So when he hurt me the stars in my eyes were too bright.

So when he told me that good and evil were the same: I believed him.

I stood between those two worlds

A dusty portal between light and dark

And endured the abuse there.

Our love defied the laws of the universe.

But later,

Many men later

I’m still standing in the threshold of the portal.

Many years later, dark still has a way of parading around in front of me in a mask of light.

You can’t keep the sun up by asking it not to go down

But I still believe love is on the horizon.

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