I say be careful with EMDR. I’ve known people that it’s worked wonders for, but it was actually very traumatizing when I did it. Make sure you have a therapist who is very, very well versed in trauma-sensitive therapy.

I was actively dissociating during our EMDR sessions and it really messed me up.

It’s interesting to hear that EMDR is considered a quick-fix, as I’ve never heard it marketed that way. Yes, I’ve heard plenty speak to it’s dramatic affect on the PTSD sufferer, but not necessarily a fast acting one.

I’ve been in therapy on and off for 7 years, and the most effective treatment I’ve had has occurred in the past year, with a therapist I connect with and feel understands me. To a large extent I’d say that my other therapy experiences were not helpful, at at times quite harmful.

I urge people to be very discerning about who they work with for therapy, and shop around until you feel like you can grow a relationship with that person. You only get as free as your therapist is. Find someone who is actively doing the work, too.

In a partnership with the English language; on a mission to dispel myths, bridge gaps, and draw boundaries.

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