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When I jog, I metabolize my grief. It comes out in staccato burps from my heavy chest. “It’s not comfortable, but you can do it.” That’s the eternal message from the cardio gods.

When I was a kid, I left my body during dance recitals and experienced my performance with the audience. I couldn’t take all those eyes. Now it’s part of my daily dance with grief.

The phrase grief-stricken doesn’t really cut it for me. I feel grief-inundated. Grief-blanketed and enclosed. It’s bigger than my body. And it takes up home in my chest.

I’m meeting unknown parts of…

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I’ve been reborn into
The World of Sensations
Baby pink sweater
Child laughing
Brown soda pop dancing on the tongue

I find it hard to believe
How much there is to feel
~to attune to~
Have you noticed the camera angles on The Office?
One can say a lot just by zooming in

I think I’m finally able to zoom in on life
The mundane is extraordinary
The shower, makeup, hair extravaganza is pleasurable
The way I check my body in the mirror each day
for impurities and fat is saddening
But I had hardly noticed that on


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Yesterday Momma told me to pack my bags ’cause we’re going to see Grandpa in Elko. She doesn’t realize I already have a bag packed. Got a duffel bag under my bed next to the stack of report cards I’ve been saving. We’re supposed to get those report cards signed by our parents, but I told the art teacher, Ms. Jones, that Momma died last fall so no one bugs me about that, anyway. The duffel bag’s got enough candy bars for a few days of eating and then my favorite sweater, Stripes, and some jeans. I don’t like that…

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I’d just had my springtime date with alcohol. Suicidal thoughts seized my brain. They weren’t just passing through anymore; they were a relentless storm. I got ready to weather my malfunctioning neural pathways, which connected like lightning to the ground.

Another six months of isolation; choosing between the front porch or the back porch for my cigarette. Netflix in my bedroom or on the couch? Talk to my family or shut them out? My normal.

A year later, another night blacked out and vacant.

I don’t quit my job, I just leave. The germs are too threatening and they understand…

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My right eardrum ruptured when I was assaulted by a man 8 years my senior
But it makes for good volume control at night
Deaf ear facing the ceiling, the low hum of the furnace disappears

I am confined to a small windowless room during a pandemic
My twinkle lights shine bright
And the morning light never wakes me

An earthquake shook my asbestos-laden home,
Stealing all sense of safety
But my furniture makes every place I land feel like home

It is Easter and there is no family get-together
But mom is making fancy potatoes
She gave me an Easter basket…

Blithe Anderson

In a partnership with the English language; on a mission to dispel myths, bridge gaps, and draw boundaries.

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